Beach Wheelchairs & Beach Strollers

Have you enjoyed being at the beach but find it difficult or impossible to get on the sand or in the ocean due to a physical limitation? Would you love to go for a walk on the beach with your baby or toddler, but the idea of carrying them changes your mind?  If so, we have solutions for you!

Floating Beach Wheelchair for Rent - Beach Sand Tires and Floating Sides for Fun in the Ocean
Custom Beach Wheelchair with Reclining Backrest and Elevated Foot Rest for our Fragile Friends

We have beach wheelchairs and strollers that glide through even the soft sand. Don’t hesitate to ask us about special requests. We will do our best to meet everyone’s individual needs. We don’t believe in boxes, so no matter what physical limitations may have kept you away from the beach, we can find a chair that will help you enjoy a day at the beach once again!

Disinfect and Sanitize Policy
Our chairs are cleaned in-between each client. We use a hospital grade disinfectant and sanitizer that is safe for skin and food surfaces.

The “Blue”

The Debug All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair is designed to safely provide recreational wheelchair use on sandy or rocky beaches.

The “Coconut”

This beach wheelchair is similar to The“Blue”.  We had it built to help us support the needs of our more fragile friends. Includes back recliner and elevated leg support that can be easily pushed through the sand.

The “Salty Lightfoot”

Want to get wet? Really wet? Then this chair’s for you! You aren’t seeing things this is our beach wheelchair that glides across sand and floats in the ocean too!

Our baby beach stroller with five-point harness and reclining seat provide the needed support and safety for a great beach adventure.

The “King”

Feel like a King as you enjoy your independent day at the beach. This power beach wheelchair for rent has a comfortable reclining seat and a joy stick while sleek enough to fit down the boardwalk.

Junior Stroller – Even if they are no longer a baby it is helpful to have a stroller for your toddler for a long day at the beach!


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Floating Beach Wheelchair for Rent - Beach Sand Tires and Floating Sides for Fun in the Ocean
Reclining Beach Wheelchair with Extended Leg Rest - Cocoa Beach FL
Beach Accessible Wheelchair with Umbrella - Easily pushes through beach sand includes elevated leg rest