The ?Salty Lightfoot?

Want to get wet? Really wet? Then this chair?s for you! We have a beach wheelchair that can easily glide through the sand AND float! If you haven’t been able to enjoy the ocean due to mobility issues, come try out our Salty Lightfoot floating beach wheelchair. The DeBug EZ Roller is designed to be used on the sand and in the water.


call or email with any special requests.

call to check availability for 2 day or 3 day rentals.


TheDeBug EZ Roller chair is designed to be used on the sand and in the water.? The caster front wheel allows it to turn easily on the pavement or sand.? With the armrest design and WheelEEZ?Wheels it will float in a few feet of water.Want to get wet, really wet? Then this chair is for you.? Relax and let your companion take you for a dip in the Cocoa Beach ocean.? The ?Salty Lightfoot? is suitable for anyone, but also someone that requires additional support similar to a recliner with legs elevated.? We feel this chair helps us meet the needs of individuals in hospice care or that require additional physical support.

**This chair requires someone with reasonable strength for control in the water.?

This chair should not be used in rough surf. **

  • Sling Material Is Phyfirtex, A Weather Resistant Outdoor Mesh Fabric
  • Castering Front Wheel for Maneuverability
  • Swing Away Armrests
  • Umbrella Mount
  • Dual pontoons with Cup Holders
  • Soft WheelEEZ?Wheels
  • Includes Lap Belt
  • Weight capacity 275 lbs.
  • Has and O-ring or Butterfly chest strap
  • Made in the USA

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  1. SO

    An amazing chair that can get anyone in the water to have an amazing day.

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